Donate 1% to the Prometheus Foundation

We would like to ask you to support our activities, which we have been carrying out continuously for 11 years. As the Foundation, we help the poorest and most seriously ill Senior Citizens by paying for their medicines, food, rent and utility bills.

If you still do not know who to donate your precious 1% to, we would like to encourage you to support our activities. 

Thanks to you, we will be able to continue supporting Polish Senior Citizens. 

It is worth remembering that each of us, with a bit of luck, will one day be a Senior Citizen. May we all live to see a peaceful and healthy old age. Unfortunately, at present, due to the social and financial situation, not all pensioners can lead a dignified life in health and peace, without worrying about the future. 

Our Foundation was established for them.

Our KRS number: 0000377508

It's simple - to donate 1%, just enter our KRS in your annual tax return. The transfer will be handled by the Tax Office. Remember, it costs nothing and can change someone's fate.

We will also be very grateful for sharing the post. The more people who learn about our activities and donate their 1%, the more seniors we will be able to help. 

  Thank you!

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