XI Tournament of Couples Charity and Bridge

We have the 11th Bridge Tournament ahead of us (15 October 2022, Saturday, 4:00 pm at 10 Polinezyjska St.), to which we would like to cordially invite you!

This time we will have two very noble goals. As every year, we support our Polish, poor Seniors. We will spend your donations on medicines and fees - unfortunately our fears come true and the increase in costs for electricity, gas and coal affects the Seniors the most, especially the poorest and sick. Some of them use equipment, such as an oxygen concentrator, which consumes huge amounts of energy and has to work practically around the clock. In the face of the upcoming electricity prices, our help will be critical to keeping Polish Seniors healthy, and in such serious cases - even alive.
The funds collected from you will also be used to help Ukrainian hospitals. We are shocked by the situation in the East, we constantly deliver equipment and medicines, but our help is still only a drop in the ocean of needs. As a mission, we have now set ourselves an attempt to reach Seniors of Polish and Ukrainian origin who are currently staying in Ukraine and for various reasons have not managed to escape the war. We hear rumors that the situation among Seniors is really tragic, older people lack the opportunity to buy drugs, they have nothing to live on.

We would be very grateful if you would like to help us achieve our goals by participating in this year's Tournament. We provide good company, sports competition and Ukrainian refreshments. Below is a leaflet with all the information you need.

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Radosne Święta z Fundacją Biedronki

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